Project Details

This project consists of a 29,240 sq. ft. masonry two-story plus mechanical mezzanine 240-bed Secure Housing Building (SHU), a 958 sq. ft. masonry Generator Building complete with a 12,470V 2,000KW 2,500KVA 3P 60HZ generator unit and above ground 19,117 gallon double-walled diesel fuel tank, extensive compound-wide emergency power system modi cations and upgrades, a 1,090 sq. ft, masonry Wastewater Treatment Plant Laboratory Building with mini lift station, a new 0.249 MGPD capacity expansion to the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) inclusive of modi cations and upgrades to the existing lift station/force main and spray eld, a new 150,000 gallon capacity Water Treatment Plant (WTP) complete with a 10,000 gallon hydro-pneumatic tank, three 634 square foot masonry Inmate Weather Shelters (IWS) and one 262 sq. ft. masonry Open Air Toilet.

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