J.C. Newman Cigar Factory

Tampa, FL

100,000 Sq. Ft.

Project Details

The oldest family-owned premium cigar maker in the U.S., J.C. Newman Cigar Company occupies the historic Regensburg factory in Ybor City’s Barrio Latino of Tampa. The renovations include work to improve the operational efficiencies of the company’s shipping and receiving department, as well as restoration work to preserve and showcase the building’s historic character. Already a tourist destination, the building will expand its museum and public retail components. Complete renovation and modernization to the lobby, corporate offices and conference room incorporating new high-end finishes, hard wood flooring, new windows, cove lighting, exposed structure and HVAC systems while preserving and celebrating the historic elements of the original building construction. Great care was taken to preserve as much of the original structural elements and finishes. New materials were carefully selected and custom crafted to maintain the historic richness of the building. Major structural enhancements to three stories of the 1910 clock-tower structure allowing for a large expansion to the lobby and museum. Renovation and expansion to the second-floor employee break room and event space to allow for increased capacity for large group gatherings and corporate events. Conversion of third-floor vacant space into a dedicated hand-rolling area for premium edition cigars to preserve the original art of cigar making. Addition of four bathrooms complete with unique high-end finishes allowing for additional comfort and accommodations for staff and public visitors. Addition of two, two-story egress stairs on the east and west sides of the building to ensure compliance with current life safety code. Restoration of the original circa 1910 clock-tower brick façade. Complete renovation and modernization of the “Box Warehouse”, distribution center allowing for increased shipping and receiving capacity and efficiencies.

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